Get US Netflix on Android with a VPN

Android is a great operating system.  Open source and easy to use.  Netflix is an amazing streaming service.  So much content whenever you want it, without all the ads.  Sounds like the perfect match, doesn’t it?  It is, unless you’re Australian or from somewhere else outside of the US.  Then you are stuck with the dregs of US content.  But there is a way to get US Netflix on Android.

What’s this trickery I speak of?  How can it be possible to get US Netflix if I live in Australia.  It’s trickery indeed, but thankfully it’s not too complicated to set up.  If you want to get US Netflix on your Android device, the best way to do it is with a VPN.  A VPN is a Virtual Private Network.  They can do many things, but they are primarily known for helping users with their security and privacy by using encryption.

How Can a VPN Help Me Get US Netflix on My Android Device?

One of the great things about VPNs is that you can set them up to make it look like your web traffic is coming from the US, no matter where you are in the world.  You can be out in Wagga Wagga, but if you have things set up correctly, Netflix will think that you’re in downtown Los Angeles or some other US location.

If they think you are in the US, they’ll offer you US content.  No more of the paltry selection that Australian’ are given.  You can still use your Australian account to do it, so you will be paying the same amount.  Netflix don’t really like their users getting around their geo-restrictions and they have tried to block users in the past from doing so, which is why we recommend ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN are a top-tier provider who put their all into the privacy and security of their customers.  They are market leaders on the technological side of things and provide a great service.  Of course, there are other providers that you can turn to, but ExpressVPN are our favourite.

So, let’s get to it.  Here’s the step-by-step guide to get US Netflix on Android with ExpressVPN:

Step 1: Sign Up to ExpressVPN

If you haven’t already done so, you will need to sign up to ExpressVPN.  You can also use another provider, but this guide is more specifically tailored to their service.

All you have to do is go to their website and hand over an email address and a payment method.

Step 2: Open Your Welcome Email

You will get a welcome email that contains a link to set up your VPN.  It also has your username and password.

Step 3: Set Up ExpressVPN

Log yourself in, then click [Set Up ExpressVPN].  It’s on the [Active Subscriptions] page.

Open the [DNS] section.  This is where you will find the [DNS 1 and DNS 2 server addresses].  Write these down, because you will need to use them later.

Step 4: Configure Your Android Device

  1. Now you will need your device.  Go to [Settings] and then select [Wi-Fi].  Go into its options rather than turning it on or off.
  2. Touch and hold your preferred wireless network.  This could be the network that’s currently active.   A dialogue box will open.  Click on [Modify network].
  3. Scroll down and check [Show advanced options]
  4. In [IP settings], click on [Static]
  5. Change the DNS 1 and DNS 2 server fields to the ones you wrote down in step 3.  Leave the rest as they were.
  6. Hit save
  7. Restart your device
  8. Visit the ExpressVPN website, log in and look at their [Check Service] page. A dialogue box will let you know if there have been any changes to your internet address.  Just touch                 [Click here to activate your new internet address].  Now ExpressVPN should be able to identify you.

After that whole ordeal, you should be ready to go.  Now you should be able to get US Netflix on Android.  It wasn’t too hard was it?  You’ve earned yourself a nostalgia trip through US Netflix.  Be careful, once you sit down to watch your favourite nineties show, you might not be able to get up until the fear of bedsores makes you.

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chris - April 15, 2016

I live in australia have Netflix but want US netflix. I dont have an apple TV but an LG.
Can I still get US netflix on my tv or only onto my android tablet.
Cheers Chris


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