Get The USA Version of Netflix in Australia!

It's really easy to get the far superior American version of Netflix here in Australia. All you have to do is use the service ExpressVPN - this makes your Internet connection look like it's in the USA and opens the doors to all the amazing content on the US version of Netflix.

It's a really simple 3-step process, and it is as easy as following the instructions. There is also a free trial so you can test it all out and see what you think.

Netflix USA – You Can Get The American Version of Netflix in Australia

Did you know the local Australian version of Netflix is watered down? It’s the Diet Coke version of Netflix because too many local businesses like Foxtel, Channel 9, Quickflix etc have signed up all the best content. The local companies have even locked away the rights to shows Netflix produce themselves!!

I don’t know about you, but I refuse to pay the “Australia-tax” to access a watered down version of something just because I live in Australia. I did a bit of digging into things and the good news is you don’t have to settle for a pale imitation.

You can get access to the glorious American Netflix right now, as well as every other version available around the world very easily. There’s a free trial and only takes 5 minutes to set-up! It’s as simple as using a service called ExpressVPN which makes your Internet appear as if it’s based in America. That’s some brilliantly nerdy genius stuff if you ask me!

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How To Get Netflix USA in Australia

This site is all about accessing the USA version of Netflix in Australia – that’s the good one if you didn’t know already, the mack daddy version with all the best content that we don’t get here in Oz!

If you’re using the Australian version of Netflix you’re missing out on so much! Unfortunately, for us here in Australia all the local guys (Foxtel, 9, 7, QuickFlix etc) have signed up all the rights to the best content. This means Netflix are only offering a fraction of what they carry on the USA version of the service.

The good news is you can get the USA version of Netflix really easily thanks to a service called ExpressVPN. It takes 5 minutes to set it up and gives you access to not only the Netflix USA content but also content from UK and European versions of the service. You can switch regions at will. The American version has by far the most content.

Just follow the instructions on this site to get access to Netflix USA here in Australia. It’s as simple as visiting the ExpressVPN site and signing up for a free trial and following the instructions to set it all up. Too easy.

Now watch this drive.  I mean… enjoy this video.


Netflix USA – Get American Netflix in Australia for More Viewing Options

Netflix has been welcomed into the Australian market with open arms. This has been a much-awaited service that is rapidly gaining popularity. Netflix Australia has the price advantage as it turns out to be cheaper than American Netflix when you convert the rates. However, the biggest advantage Netflix USA has over us is the number of titles available.

US Netflix boasts a collection of over 9000 titles while Australian Netflix viewers have to be satisfied with less than 1300. There are a number of reasons for this, but the main underlying reason is broadcasting rights.

To be able to air any programme or movie in a region legally, one needs to have the broadcasting rights. This process can be difficult when too many companies already have the rights to the title or if one big company has the exclusive rights. Also, acquiring the rights to air programmes is a lengthy and expensive process.

Given that Netflix America has had about 20 years to build up its collection, it has a sizeable collection. Netflix Australia is much newer and will take time to get to that point. In the meantime, Australian subscribers can either wait or find alternative means of getting the content.

How to Get Netflix America in Australia Easily

One easy way to get USA Netflix in Australia is through a VPN service like ExpressVPN. This affordable little product allows you to get access to the Netflix USA library and view the content available there.

It is able to do so because Netflix is service that provides its services to all its subscribers so long as they are in a region that Netflix operates in. This means that even if you create your account in Australia, you can view Netflix America as long as you are within America.

It can do this because it always knows your location from your IP address. An IP address is a unique ID provided to any device that connects to the internet. This is assigned by DNS servers of your internet service provider. The DNS servers are also responsible to announcing your IP to Netflix the moment you visit their website.

ExpressVPN operates by channelling you through its DNS servers, which then give you an American IP address. When you visit Netflix through them, Netflix assumes you are in America and shows you the American Netflix library.

Sign Up For ExpressVPN to Get the Best of USA Netflix in Australia

By simply signing in to their services and configuring the device you use to stream Netflix, you can get access to the bigger collection of US Netflix while in Australia. In fact, you are not just limited to USA Netflix. ExpressVPN can be used to access the Netflix library of any country or region that Netflix is available in.

There are some exclusive titles that are available to all regions, and almost all of them have a bigger list of content than Australian Netflix. Why limit yourself to Netflix America or Australia when you could be viewing television series and films from Netflix Canada, UK, or even New Zealand.

As long as Netflix offers its services in a region, ExpressVPN can get you access to the library. You can enjoy the larger content size of USA Netflix and so many others.

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