How to Get Netflix USA in Australia

We truly live in the glory days of entertainment.  We can watch our favourite shows whenever we want without any adds.  No more gathering around on a Tuesday at 7.30pm anymore.  You can watch it whenever is convenient to you, whether that’s at 11am or 4am.  It’s all thanks to a wonderful company called Netflix.

But there is one problem, especially for us Australians.  There is a very limited range of titles in Australia.  The good news is that we will tell you how to get Netflix USA in Australia.

It all starts with a simple little thing called a VPN.

But first…

Why Do You Need Netflix?

For the extra convenience and to save money.

Cable television and free-to-air TV are old technologies.  They just aren’t a very smart or efficient way to access your favourite programs, especially when they have competition such as Netflix to use.

Cable television is expensive.  It involves ridiculous plans and you have to pay for so many channels that you don’t want.  Then there are also the connection fees and having to deal with their poor service.  What’s more?  It’s absolutely packed with ads these days.

At least free-to-air TV doesn’t cost anything.  Unfortunately, you can’t watch what you want whenever you want.  You’re also being bombarded by ads, which can get repetitive and infuriating.

Netflix is a saviour.  You can get it for as little as $9 each month.  They offer a range of content that you can stream over the internet and watch whenever you want.  You can watch as much as you want and it won’t cost any more.  The only real problem is that Australian Netflix has a comparatively small range of content.  This isn’t a problem if you know how to get Netflix USA in Australia.

Why is there Limited Content on Australian Netflix?

To be fair to Netflix, it isn’t really their fault.  They do their best to bring as much content as possible to their audience and they even make their own.  Unfortunately, there is a huge tangle of contracts between those who produce content and those who distribute it.  If Netflix wants you to be able to watch a show through their service, they have to buy the rights to it.  Rights to a program are often based by region, so Netflix might only be able to secure the US rights of a program and not the rights to Australia or France.

You shouldn’t blame Netflix for not being able to offer you the same content as the US.  You should blame the complex conditions of the local market and all the pre-existing content distribution deals.

Because Netflix started in the US, it has had more time to build up a solid base of content for its users.  Internationally, it is relatively new, so there isn’t as much there.  Unfortunately, as the competition in the content streaming game heats up, it will be more difficult for Netflix to get the rights to as much content.

How Can You Change Your IP Address?

The best way to do it is with a VPN.  A Virtual Private Network uses encryption to increase its user’s privacy and security.  They can also make a user’s web traffic appear as though it is coming from a different location.  This is especially useful if you are an Australian who wants to use US Netflix.  If you set it up properly, Netflix has no way of knowing where you are accessing their content from, so you can enjoy all the US shows you like.

We personally recommend ExpressVPN.  They offer a great service that focuses on the privacy and security of their users.  Netflix has tried to block some of their competitors, but ExpressVPN seem to be technologically capable of staying one step ahead.  They may be a little more expensive than some of their rivals, but the service that they offer makes them great value.   There are other good VPNs out there, but it’s hard to beat ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN offer a free trial for a week, so you can try it out without any risk.  We have a range of setup guides that will help you get ExpressVPN up and running, so you can be watching US Netflix no matter what your device.  Free yourself from the chains that are geo-restriction of content.

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