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Netflix is amazing.  With Netflix, watching daytime TV doesn’t have to be depressing anymore.  You can watch what you want whenever you want, regardless of the schedule.  Even better, there are no annoying ads.

It feels like the television revolution we have been waiting so many years for.  It’s finally here, but it’s not quite as expected.  At least not for Australians and many other countries.  When it finally washed up on our shores, late as always, we thought we were going to get American Netflix in Australia.  It wasn’t as great as we had hoped.  Many of us were a little dismayed by the lack of content in comparison to the American counterpart.  The tech-savvy had been accessing the US version for years, so this watered down copy just wasn’t going to cut it.

In Australia, there’s no Son’s of Anarchy, no The Walking Dead, no Louie and no Lie to Me.  There’s also no Silence of the Lambs, no American Beauty, No Taxi Driver and No Good Will Hunting.  This is just scratching the surface of the content we’re missing.  Needless to say, we were a little jealous of our American friends.  Why should they get access to so much more, when we basically pay the same.  A true injustice indeed. Luckily there are delightful services known as VPNs to make sure we don’t have to suffer.

But first…

So Why is There So Much Less Content on Australian Netflix?

This is complex and it actually predates Netflix.  It involves lawyers and contracts and all kinds of fun stuff.  When a company produces some content, they generally sell it on to other companies to distribute it for them.  Netflix actually does both now, but we’ll pretend that it doesn’t because it will complicate my example.  The distribution companies buy the content for a set fee, which is often only for a specific region.

Because there are all of these content production companies and all of these distribution companies around the world, we end up with a complicated web of international content and deals.  There is a lot of competition between content distributors, which is what Netflix essentially are.  When a cool new show comes up on offer, or the rights to an old one expire, they have to fight with all of the other distributors, including other streaming services, cable TV and free-to-air.  A lot of the time, Netflix just doesn’t win the fight, so they go home with their tail between their legs and someone else gets to show the specific piece of content.

Because Netflix has been operating in the US for a long time, they already have a heap of deals with production companies to secure the content for the US market.  In international markets like Australia, other distributors have secured the rights to much of this content.  Since Netflix is only just starting out in Australia, it can’t get the legal right to show as many programs as in the US, because Australian competitors already own them.

It’s not really a case of Netflix being mean to Australians.  They are doing their best to bring as much content as they can to their customers.  Unfortunately they just can’t legally bring Australian’s the same content.  But there is something that you can do to get American Netflix in Australia and its perfectly legal.

How to Get American Netflix in Australia

The secret is a VPN.  Virtual Private Networks are networks that use encryption to give their users more security and privacy.  They have many applications, but one of the most common is to trick websites like Netflix into thinking that you are accessing their services from a different location, regardless of where you actually are.

If you use a VPN, you can set it up so that your web traffic appears to be coming from within the US, even though you may be in Melbourne, Broome or wherever.  If Netflix thinks you are in the US, they let you access all of that juicy US content.  It’s perfect and so simple.

We prefer using ExpressVPN to get American Netflix in Australia.  They are a reliable service that does their best to protect their customers.  They have a good team and they are very capable technologically, so they are always on top of their users’ privacy concerns.

If you want to access US Netflix, have a look at getting ExpressVPN.  They offer a free 7-day trial, so there are no risks.  We have all the setup guides you need to get it up and running, so you’ll be on US Netflix in no time.

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