Get The USA Version of Netflix in Australia!

It's really easy to get the far superior American version of Netflix here in Australia. All you have to do is use the service ExpressVPN - this makes your Internet connection look like it's in the USA and opens the doors to all the amazing content on the US version of Netflix.

It's a really simple 3-step process, and it is as easy as following the instructions. There is also a free trial so you can test it all out and see what you think.

How Does This Work?

If you’ve found your way to this page then chances are you already have the Australian version of Netflix and you’re looking for a way to get the much better USA version of it. Smart move! You’ll be happy to know it really is very simple to get set-up so that you can access the USA based version of Netflix. You’ll be up and running in five minutes with the following setps:

  • Sign up for an ExpressVPN account – this is the tool that makes your internet connection appear as if it’s in America. There is a free trial so it’s risk free.
  • If you don’t have an account then sign-up for Netflix – they also offer a free trial so you can see if it’s for you or not. If you have an Australian Netflix account then you can use this account.
  • Enjoy the freedom of the USA based version of Netflix. There’s also a huge range of other countries you can swap between to enjoy those local versions including UK, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Canada and more!
  • Full set-up instructions for most popular devices can be found on this site.

It really is as simple as that. The ExpressVPN service is fantastic as it is essentially like a remote control for your Netflix, except this remote allows you to easily and quickly change your location to appear as if you’re in a huge range of different countries. No annoying content laws or geo blocking is going to be able to stop you now!

American Netflix vs Australian Netflix : Why?

So you might be wondering why bother trying to get access to the US version of Netflix? Well the main reason is the fact the Aussie version just lacks so much of the content that makes Netflix in the USA so great! The US version has:

  • More than 10,000 movies and TV shows. The Australian version has only a quarter of that!
  • New releases added to the service every month. Many of these are owned by other content holders in Australia so they don’t make it to our version.
  • More seasons and more episodes for TV Series that exist on both American & Australian Netflix
  • New features and services are added to the American version of Netflix before they appear on any other versions
  • If you set up the ExpressVPN service you can also can choose to watch the content that is unique to the UK, Canada, Germany, Netherlands etc versions of Netflix – it’s like the ultimate subscription to Netflix everywhere in the world and every piece of content that goes with it all in one!

For the sake of five minutes effort, if you follow the information on this site you can have access to Netflix the way it is supposed to be experienced!