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Get American Netflix in Australia

Netflix is amazing.  With Netflix, watching daytime TV doesn’t have to be depressing anymore.  You can watch what you want whenever you want, regardless of the schedule.  Even better, there are no annoying ads.

It feels like the television revolution we have been waiting so many years for.  It’s finally here, but it’s not quite as expected.  At least not for Australians and many other countries.  When it finally washed up on our shores, late as always, we thought we were going to get American Netflix in Australia.  It wasn’t as great as we had hoped.  Many of us were a little dismayed by the lack of content in comparison to the American counterpart.  The tech-savvy had been accessing the US version for years, so this watered down copy just wasn’t going to cut it.

In Australia, there’s no Son’s of Anarchy, no The Walking Dead, no Louie and no Lie to Me.  There’s also no Silence of the Lambs, no American Beauty, No Taxi Driver and No Good Will Hunting.  This is just scratching the surface of the content we’re missing.  Needless to say, we were a little jealous of our American friends.  Why should they get access to so much more, when we basically pay the same.  A true injustice indeed. Luckily there are delightful services known as VPNs to make sure we don’t have to suffer.

But first…

So Why is There So Much Less Content on Australian Netflix?

This is complex and it actually predates Netflix.  It involves lawyers and contracts and all kinds of fun stuff.  When a company produces some content, they generally sell it on to other companies to distribute it for them.  Netflix actually does both now, but we’ll pretend that it doesn’t because it will complicate my example.  The distribution companies buy the content for a set fee, which is often only for a specific region.

Because there are all of these content production companies and all of these distribution companies around the world, we end up with a complicated web of international content and deals.  There is a lot of competition between content distributors, which is what Netflix essentially are.  When a cool new show comes up on offer, or the rights to an old one expire, they have to fight with all of the other distributors, including other streaming services, cable TV and free-to-air.  A lot of the time, Netflix just doesn’t win the fight, so they go home with their tail between their legs and someone else gets to show the specific piece of content.

Because Netflix has been operating in the US for a long time, they already have a heap of deals with production companies to secure the content for the US market.  In international markets like Australia, other distributors have secured the rights to much of this content.  Since Netflix is only just starting out in Australia, it can’t get the legal right to show as many programs as in the US, because Australian competitors already own them.

It’s not really a case of Netflix being mean to Australians.  They are doing their best to bring as much content as they can to their customers.  Unfortunately they just can’t legally bring Australian’s the same content.  But there is something that you can do to get American Netflix in Australia and its perfectly legal.

How to Get American Netflix in Australia

The secret is a VPN.  Virtual Private Networks are networks that use encryption to give their users more security and privacy.  They have many applications, but one of the most common is to trick websites like Netflix into thinking that you are accessing their services from a different location, regardless of where you actually are.

If you use a VPN, you can set it up so that your web traffic appears to be coming from within the US, even though you may be in Melbourne, Broome or wherever.  If Netflix thinks you are in the US, they let you access all of that juicy US content.  It’s perfect and so simple.

We prefer using ExpressVPN to get American Netflix in Australia.  They are a reliable service that does their best to protect their customers.  They have a good team and they are very capable technologically, so they are always on top of their users’ privacy concerns.

If you want to access US Netflix, have a look at getting ExpressVPN.  They offer a free 7-day trial, so there are no risks.  We have all the setup guides you need to get it up and running, so you’ll be on US Netflix in no time.

How to Get Netflix USA in Australia

We truly live in the glory days of entertainment.  We can watch our favourite shows whenever we want without any adds.  No more gathering around on a Tuesday at 7.30pm anymore.  You can watch it whenever is convenient to you, whether that’s at 11am or 4am.  It’s all thanks to a wonderful company called Netflix.

But there is one problem, especially for us Australians.  There is a very limited range of titles in Australia.  The good news is that we will tell you how to get Netflix USA in Australia.

It all starts with a simple little thing called a VPN.

But first…

Why Do You Need Netflix?

For the extra convenience and to save money.

Cable television and free-to-air TV are old technologies.  They just aren’t a very smart or efficient way to access your favourite programs, especially when they have competition such as Netflix to use.

Cable television is expensive.  It involves ridiculous plans and you have to pay for so many channels that you don’t want.  Then there are also the connection fees and having to deal with their poor service.  What’s more?  It’s absolutely packed with ads these days.

At least free-to-air TV doesn’t cost anything.  Unfortunately, you can’t watch what you want whenever you want.  You’re also being bombarded by ads, which can get repetitive and infuriating.

Netflix is a saviour.  You can get it for as little as $9 each month.  They offer a range of content that you can stream over the internet and watch whenever you want.  You can watch as much as you want and it won’t cost any more.  The only real problem is that Australian Netflix has a comparatively small range of content.  This isn’t a problem if you know how to get Netflix USA in Australia.

Why is there Limited Content on Australian Netflix?

To be fair to Netflix, it isn’t really their fault.  They do their best to bring as much content as possible to their audience and they even make their own.  Unfortunately, there is a huge tangle of contracts between those who produce content and those who distribute it.  If Netflix wants you to be able to watch a show through their service, they have to buy the rights to it.  Rights to a program are often based by region, so Netflix might only be able to secure the US rights of a program and not the rights to Australia or France.

You shouldn’t blame Netflix for not being able to offer you the same content as the US.  You should blame the complex conditions of the local market and all the pre-existing content distribution deals.

Because Netflix started in the US, it has had more time to build up a solid base of content for its users.  Internationally, it is relatively new, so there isn’t as much there.  Unfortunately, as the competition in the content streaming game heats up, it will be more difficult for Netflix to get the rights to as much content.

How Can You Change Your IP Address?

The best way to do it is with a VPN.  A Virtual Private Network uses encryption to increase its user’s privacy and security.  They can also make a user’s web traffic appear as though it is coming from a different location.  This is especially useful if you are an Australian who wants to use US Netflix.  If you set it up properly, Netflix has no way of knowing where you are accessing their content from, so you can enjoy all the US shows you like.

We personally recommend ExpressVPN.  They offer a great service that focuses on the privacy and security of their users.  Netflix has tried to block some of their competitors, but ExpressVPN seem to be technologically capable of staying one step ahead.  They may be a little more expensive than some of their rivals, but the service that they offer makes them great value.   There are other good VPNs out there, but it’s hard to beat ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN offer a free trial for a week, so you can try it out without any risk.  We have a range of setup guides that will help you get ExpressVPN up and running, so you can be watching US Netflix no matter what your device.  Free yourself from the chains that are geo-restriction of content.

How To Get American Netflix

It may seem like the Holy Grail, but thankfully you don’t need to be Indiana Jones to get it.  It’s actually quite easy.  All you need to get American Netflix is a simple thing called a VPN.

We were all excited for Netflix’s launch in Australia in 2015.  That excitement quickly washed away and became a bitter disappointment when we realised how little content was actually coming our way.  As of January, Australia had 2092 titles, while the US had 5760.  For the mathematically challenged, that’s barely a third of the content (trust me, I had to use a calculator).  What’s even worse is that Australians pay basically the same amount as Americans for a much lesser service.

Well, here’s something that Netflix doesn’t want you to know.  There is a way, a legal way, for you to get American Netflix Content.  It does go against their terms of use and they don’t particularly like it.  They have even tried to block certain ways to go around it, but we have a way that still works.

Should you feel guilty for taking a back door into Netflix’s house?  We don’t think so.  You are still a paying customer, it’s just that you are paying for a much more inferior service than your American peers get.  How is that fair?  Using a VPN to access geo-restricted content is perfectly legal, so you shouldn’t feel bad about it.

How Can I Get American Netflix with a VPN?

First, we have to understand what a VPN is.  Some guy on the bus once told me that VPN is French for Virtual Private Network.  He may not have been right about the French part.  Virtual Private Networks are essentially networks that use encryption for heightened privacy and security.  They have many uses and accessing geo-restricted content such as US Netflix is just one of them.

When set up correctly, a VPN can make it look like your web traffic is coming from within the US, even if you’re in Surrey sipping a latte.  When you go on Netflix, they will think that you are in the US and let you watch all of the US content.

A VPN can actually make it look like your web traffic is coming from anywhere that they have an available server, so this can work for accessing content that is restricted to the UK, Canada, Australia and many other places.

You can do this with most VPNs, but some are certainly better than others.  We recommend ExpressVPN because we feel like they are one of the best in their field in a range of ways.  They take privacy and security seriously, while they have the right engineers on their team to stay ahead of Netflix and any potential attempts to block them.

Want to Know How to Get American Netflix with Express VPN?

Fine, you twisted my arm.  It’s actually pretty simple and we have a ton of guides to help you get it done, no matter what kind of platform or device you use.

Step 1: Start an ExpressVPN Account

ExpressVPN offer a DNS redirection service.  This means that they can make your connection appear as though it’s coming from somewhere in America.  They offer a 30-day refund, so you aren’t risking anything if it doesn’t work out.

Step 2: Create a Netflix Account

If you have one already, that’s even better.  They are easy to sign up for and they also offer a free trial.  You don’t need a specific American account, an Australian one will work fine.

Step 3: Use Our Setup Guides

We have a heap of setup guides that will be able to help you out for most major platforms.  You can also check out the guides on the ExpressVPN site.

Step 4: Wonder Where All your Spare Time Went

Be careful.  American Netflix is addictive and it’s hard to exhaust it.  You might want to say goodbye to your loved ones before you head to the pleasure-town that is American Netflix.

It really is that easy.  You can almost triple your content just by using ExpressVPN to get American Netflix.  You can access  geo-restricted content from all over the world if you change your server location, so you will never have to see this content is blocked in your region again.

Get US Netflix in Australia

Did you sign up for Australian Netflix?  Were you slightly disappointed?  Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.  We were all hoping that there would be a whole lot more content when they finally brought the service to Australia.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t.  All that waiting and we got screwed.  Oh well, at least Australian’s are used to it.  Remember when we used to have to wait six or so months to get the premiere of a US series?  I shudder to think back to those days.  The horror.  At least things have improved since then.  If only we could get US Netflix in Australia.

Even though we can now get some shows at basically the same time as the US, unfortunately it’s quite a slim range in the land of the NBN and a rotisserie of Prime Ministers.  Our access pales in comparison to the US’s.

Why Would I Want to Get US Netflix in Australia?

Well, the US was where it all started, actually as a mail-order DVD company.  Thankfully they started streaming their content in 2007 and they have since seen their popularity explode as streaming became more viable with technological improvements.  Because it started in the US, they had the time to build up the biggest content base.  By the time they launched in countries like Australia, a lot of shows already had distribution agreements with other broadcasters.  This means that legally, they can’t offer you a way to get US Netflix in Australia without breaching these contracts.

As of January, Australian Netflix had access to only 2092 programs, while Americans could watch 5760.  No wonder Australians want to get US Netflix.  It gets worse when you consider that Australian’s pay about the same as people from the US, even though they get about a third of the content.

You can’t really blame Netflix for this, because they are just trying to do their best with the existing agreements in place.  It gets even more complex with other content providers such as Hulu or cable companies all competing for exclusive distribution rights for certain shows.  I’m sure that Netflix would happily be the sole provider, but unfortunately their competitors have a few words to say about that.

Whether or not it is Netflix’s fault, it still seems unfair to have to pay the same amount for so little content.

How Does Netflix Know Where I Am?

Netflix have spies in your cupboard.  Creepy, I know.

Fortunately, they don’t.  They’re not quite on the same level as the NSA.  How they actually figure out where you are involves something called a DNS, a Domain Name System.  Whenever  you connect to a website, you use a DNS.

DNS servers pass on your IP address to whatever website you are visiting.  IP addresses are sorted by location, so this means that when you log on to Netflix, they will know where you are from straight away.  Because it knows where you are, it directs you to your country’s content page.  This is why if you log onto Netflix from Australia, you can’t get US Netflix.

How Do I Get Around It?

Thankfully, there’s a solution, and you can thank whoever you bullied in high school.  Those computer science majors have saved us once again and come up with a way to get US Netflix in Australia.  You just have to mask your IP address.

Our favourite way to do this is with ExpressVPN.  There are many other choices, but we just feel that ExpressVPN is one of the best in terms of privacy and security.  They provide great service and really know what they are doing on the technical side of things.

All you have to do is sign up to ExpressVPN.  It’s easy to do, all they want is an email address and some kind of payment.  They also have a 30 day refund, so there’s no risk if you want to try it.  Once you have your account set up, you can change your DNS settings and you will be able to trick Netflix into thinking that you are accessing their content from the US.  We have step-by-step guides to do this, no matter what device you use.  Happy streaming.

US VS Australian Netflix

By now we’ve all heard of Netflix and we know that it’s great.  Your favourite TV shows and movies whenever you want?  Sign me up!  No more ads or infomercials.  It sounds heavenly.  But Netflix is a complicated beast.  Unfortunately, Netflix isn’t the same for all and some countries get a very different level of service.  Let’s get into it: US vs Australia Netflix battles.

So, What’s Netflix?

Netflix started off in the before-times.  Times when streaming wasn’t possible and Blockbuster was more than a joke.  They were originally a DVD-by-mail service that started out in 1998.  By 2007, they saw the future coming and began streaming content online to their subscribers.  As internet speeds became faster and streaming services became viable for more people, Netflix exploded in popularity.  It first expanded outside of the US in 2010 when it officially set up shop in Canada.  By 2011, they were streaming in Latin America and in 2012 they were operating in the UK and parts of Europe.  Australia, New Zealand and a few other countries were a bit behind the rest of the world and they didn’t officially get access until 2015.

Most of the world now has access to Netflix, but this isn’t without its problems.  Before it was officially launched overseas, many international users were already accessing the American content.  When they finally got their own country-specific version, they were disappointed at the rather limited range of programs that they had access to in comparison to the US version.

This isn’t necessarily Netflix’s fault.  Sure, they would love to be the sole provider of content to their users, giving them everything that they want.  Unfortunately, Netflix was late to the party and by the time they rocked up to the scene, there was already a complicated web of international distribution contracts, with cable TV and free-to-air channels already claiming some content.  With the rise of online streaming competitors like Hulu, it made the state of things even more complex.

Who has access to which content in what location is all essentially a legal and business matter.  Netflix might be able to secure the rights to a particular show in the US, but internationally, a competitor might have the rights.  The result of this is that Netflix has different content available in different regions.

The way the pieces have fallen, US Netflix reigns as the king.  As of January, it had access to 5760 shows and movies, while Canada had 3606, the UK had 2990, Australia had 2092 and New Zealand had 2043.  South Korea had the worst deal, with only 664 programs available.  In the US, people can watch Breaking Bad, Sherlock and Pulp Fiction.  Australian’s can’t.  In the US vs Australian Netflix war, Americans are winning.  Technically.

Yes, that’s right, technically Australian’s aren’t supposed to watch US Netflix content.  It goes against their terms of use.  But don’t worry, because technologically Australian’s still can access US Netflix.  The nerds have done it for us again and provided us a way to get to those luscious green meadows that are US Netflix.  Even better, it’s legal.

Now, Netflix doesn’t like its users accessing a different region’s content.  That’s why it’s geo-restricted in the first place.  They have even made some pretty poor attempts to block users from getting around these restrictions.  Don’t worry, we have a way that still works.

How Can I Access US Netflix?

It’s called a VPN.  A Virtual Private Network.  We personally recommend ExpressVPN, because we find it to be one of the more reliable and trustworthy providers on the market.  It is a bit more expensive than some others, but their service is worth it because they take matters of security and privacy seriously.  They are also pretty far ahead of the game technologically, which means they are a safer bet for accessing US Netflix well into the future.

Netflix has already tried to block some VPNs from accessing geo-restricted content, but these tended to be the lower hanging fruit.  ExpressVPN are a bit more savvy when it comes to running their business and their technical operations.

So, what exactly is a VPN and how will it help you get access to US Netflix?  Virtual Private Networks are essentially encrypted networks that help to boost your security and privacy when you use them.  They allow you to access US Netflix, because you can set them up so that it appears as though your web traffic is actually coming from the US, no matter where you are in the world.  This tricks Netflix, as they think you are based in the US, so they will let you straight through.

ExpressVPN is simple to set up and we have many guides for it on this site, no matter what your device.  All you need is a monthly subscription and you’re ready to go.  If you take this route, you’ll be back on the same playing field in the US vs Australian Netflix war.

Be warned, if you get US Netflix, you’ll spend even more nights watching through a whole series until you realise that you have to be up for work in forty minutes.  Access it at your own peril.

Access USA Netflix through your Router with a VPN

Life  got easier with Netflix.  The days of going to Blockbuster are long gone and no one’s looking back.  No scratched discs, no late fees.  Pure bliss.  There’s just one problem with Netflix.  Inequality.  That’s right, due to super complicated distribution contracts and lawyer things that I don’t understand, those who live out of the US get stiffed on content.  Most people who live elsewhere get about a third of the content even though they pay the same amount.

Don’t worry, there is a way that you can reduce at least one of the injustices in the world.  Australian’s Canadians, the British and everyone else can use a VPN to access US Netflix through their router.  This is a great way to do it, because it means that every device going through the router will appear as though it is based in the US, so anyone using your Wi-Fi will be able to access US Netflix.  Just make sure it’s password protected, because if your neighbours find out they can get all that great content they’ll be eating up your bandwidth streaming the Gilmore Girls or something.

To be honest, Netflix aren’t a fan of you using anything to get around their geo-restrictions.  It does violate their terms of service and they have made some pretty weak attempts to block users from getting around it, but it is still technically legal.  That’s the best kind of legal.

So what exactly is a VPN?  A Virtual Private Network, which is nerd-talk for an encrypted network that gives you greater privacy and security.  They have many wonderful uses other than Netflix, but for this purpose, they essentially make the web traffic going through your router appear as though it is coming from the US, no matter where you really are.

Our favourite VPN is ExpressVPN.  There are a lot of other options out there, so feel free to look around, but we just feel that ExpressVPN are one of the better companies as far as privacy and security are concerned.  Yes, it is a bit more expensive than some of their competitors, but they also seem to have the technological expertise to stay ahead of Netflix.

Because we are such big fans of ExpressVPN and Netflix equality, we’ve set up this step-by-step guide to help you use ExpressVPN to get US Netflix through all of the devices connecting through your router.

Step 1: Sign Up to ExpressVPN

If you aren’t already an ExpressVPN user, it’s the one we recommend.  Most other VPNs should be fine, but this guide is more specifically tailored to ExpressVPN.

Signing up is easy.  You just need to go to their website and get a monthly plan.  They offer a 30 day refund, so there is no risk to you if you don’t like their product.  All they want is a valid email address and some kind of payment.  They don’t go overboard with the personal details they require like some of their competitors.

Step 2: Open Your Welcome Email

They will send you a welcome email that will include a link to get your VPN set up as well as your login details.

You just need to click on the link or use your new username and password to sign in to their website.

Step 3: Set Up ExpressVPN

You will need to click on [Set Up ExpressVPN].  It’s on the [Active Subscriptions] page.

You will then need to open the [DNS] section.  In here, you will find the [DNS server IP addresses].  You’ll need these later, so write them down.

Step 4: Log in to Your Router

Go to whichever browser you normally use and then head to your router’s setup page.  To do this, type one of the following into the address bar:

If none of the above work, consult the manual for your router.

Enter your username and password into the setup page to log in.

Step 5: Configure Your DNS Settings

Find and click on [DNS Settings] once you have logged in.

Enter the [DNS server IP addresses] that you found in step 3.

Click [OK].

Step 6: Restart Everything

It’s pretty much done now.  All you have to do is restart your router and any device that you plan to use through it.  Go to your web browser and log in to your ExpressVPN account.  It will check your service status to make sure things are functioning correctly.  There should be a dialogue box letting you know if there have been any changes to your internet address.

You will then need to click on [Click here to activate your new internet address].  This lets ExpressVPN identify you.

Everything’s done now and it should all be working well.  Time to reward yourself with a Netflix binge.

Access the American Netflix Library with This Simple Solution

Netflix has changed the face of entertainment and dramatically reduced the role of conventional television viewing. No longer are viewers dependent on what the television channels show them. With online streaming, it is possible to view whatever shows you want without having to wait for them to be aired.

This is probably why Netflix has become so popular around the world. This service allows you to watch high quality videos of TV series and films for a nominal charge. With Netflix Australia, the charge is even more reasonable once you convert it. The Australian Netflix subscription is a little cheaper than what the American subscribers would pay.

The lower cost comes with a caveat though and that is the limited content of Netflix Australia compared to the American Netflix Library. Netflix USA has over 9000 titles while Australia only has a little over 1200. That is a difference that is hard to overlook.

However, there is a way to get the same amount of content as the American Netflix Library that does not involve travelling to another country. This simple little solution is called ExpressVPN. It is a DNS redirecting service that gets you access to the American Netflix library and all its wonderful content.

The American Netflix Library Can Be Viewed With ExpressVPN

If you are wondering how that is possible, the explanation is quite simple. Netflix does not limit you to the content of the country you registered from. It believes that a subscriber should be able to watch what they want no matter where they are at the time.

Of course, this means they need to be in a region that Netflix operates in. As long as they are, they can access the content of the country. But how does Netflix know where you are viewing from? This information is given to it by the IP address of your device.

Whenever you connect to the internet, your device is assigned an ID that identifies it. This ID contains information about your location as well. For example, if you were an Aussie subscriber who was travelling to the US, you would have an American IP address. As soon as Netflix would detect this, you would be directed to the American Netflix library.

However, since the IP is location-based, it would be nearly impossible to change your IP without changing your location, wouldn’t it? This is where ExpressVPN comes in. This DNS redirection service will reroute your internet traffic to Netflix through its DNS servers and give you an American IP address at the other end.

Once you log in to Netflix with an American IP, you will get shown the American Netflix library even though you are in Australia. If you want to get back to the Australian content, all you have to do is switch back to regular internet settings.

ExpressVPN comes with a 7 day trial for first time users, so you can try it and see how it works. At $50 for the annual payment plan, it is well worth the money for all the extra TV you can watch.

How to Get American Netflix

While Netflix Australia is a great service, it is limited by the number of titles it has available. This is why knowing how to get American Netflix can be such a boon if you want more content. The very quick and easy solution is to use a DNS based product like ExpressVPN to get American Netflix.

Netflix has been operating for almost 20 years in the US. This has given it a huge head start when it comes to acquiring movie rights. In order to broadcast a show or a film in a region, you first need to have the broadcasting rights. This is a complicated process that involves money as well as other factors like who else has the right to that title.

Large corporations can buy exclusive rights to titles just to ensure that they have a monopoly on the profits it raises. This can be a hurdle when it comes to a service like Netflix. Unfortunately, it cannot show the video in a region that it does not have its broadcasting rights for.

However, if it does have the rights for a region, it does not block a user from viewing it as long as they are in that region. This means that if you want to know how to get American Netflix, you need to know how to make it seem like you are somewhere else.

As it turns out, this is not so difficult with a service like ExpressVPN. Netflix knows your location because of the IP address your device is given when it logs on to the internet. This is given to it by your ISP and is conveyed to Netflix by their DNS servers.

How to Get American Netflix by ‘Changing’ Your Location

ExpressVPN simply allows you to go through their DNS servers and they give you an IP address that is from the US. When this IP address reaches Netflix, it believes you to be inside the United States and takes you to the American Netflix Library.

It does not matter that your registration happened in Australia as long as your current location is shown as the US. This is how to get American Netflix without having to travel to America or making your internet slow with VPNs.

Signing up for their services is also a fairly uncomplicated process. You just have to fill up a form with your details. They have two payment plans and you need to select one. Regardless of which one you select, you will get 7 days to try the service for free.

ExpressVPN is compatible with a variety of devices including iPad, Smart TVs, mobile phones, both Android as well as Apple, laptops, and gaming consoles. Setting up the devices is also quite simple. Once you have ExpressVPN activated, you can use it to view content from any part of the world Netflix is functioning in.

You can watch exclusive content from UK, Canada, or even New Zealand in addition to the American content. Knowing how to get American Netflix on your devices can make your TV viewing experience richer and more varied.