How To Get American Netflix

It may seem like the Holy Grail, but thankfully you don’t need to be Indiana Jones to get it.  It’s actually quite easy.  All you need to get American Netflix is a simple thing called a VPN.

We were all excited for Netflix’s launch in Australia in 2015.  That excitement quickly washed away and became a bitter disappointment when we realised how little content was actually coming our way.  As of January, Australia had 2092 titles, while the US had 5760.  For the mathematically challenged, that’s barely a third of the content (trust me, I had to use a calculator).  What’s even worse is that Australians pay basically the same amount as Americans for a much lesser service.

Well, here’s something that Netflix doesn’t want you to know.  There is a way, a legal way, for you to get American Netflix Content.  It does go against their terms of use and they don’t particularly like it.  They have even tried to block certain ways to go around it, but we have a way that still works.

Should you feel guilty for taking a back door into Netflix’s house?  We don’t think so.  You are still a paying customer, it’s just that you are paying for a much more inferior service than your American peers get.  How is that fair?  Using a VPN to access geo-restricted content is perfectly legal, so you shouldn’t feel bad about it.

How Can I Get American Netflix with a VPN?

First, we have to understand what a VPN is.  Some guy on the bus once told me that VPN is French for Virtual Private Network.  He may not have been right about the French part.  Virtual Private Networks are essentially networks that use encryption for heightened privacy and security.  They have many uses and accessing geo-restricted content such as US Netflix is just one of them.

When set up correctly, a VPN can make it look like your web traffic is coming from within the US, even if you’re in Surrey sipping a latte.  When you go on Netflix, they will think that you are in the US and let you watch all of the US content.

A VPN can actually make it look like your web traffic is coming from anywhere that they have an available server, so this can work for accessing content that is restricted to the UK, Canada, Australia and many other places.

You can do this with most VPNs, but some are certainly better than others.  We recommend ExpressVPN because we feel like they are one of the best in their field in a range of ways.  They take privacy and security seriously, while they have the right engineers on their team to stay ahead of Netflix and any potential attempts to block them.

Want to Know How to Get American Netflix with Express VPN?

Fine, you twisted my arm.  It’s actually pretty simple and we have a ton of guides to help you get it done, no matter what kind of platform or device you use.

Step 1: Start an ExpressVPN Account

ExpressVPN offer a DNS redirection service.  This means that they can make your connection appear as though it’s coming from somewhere in America.  They offer a 30-day refund, so you aren’t risking anything if it doesn’t work out.

Step 2: Create a Netflix Account

If you have one already, that’s even better.  They are easy to sign up for and they also offer a free trial.  You don’t need a specific American account, an Australian one will work fine.

Step 3: Use Our Setup Guides

We have a heap of setup guides that will be able to help you out for most major platforms.  You can also check out the guides on the ExpressVPN site.

Step 4: Wonder Where All your Spare Time Went

Be careful.  American Netflix is addictive and it’s hard to exhaust it.  You might want to say goodbye to your loved ones before you head to the pleasure-town that is American Netflix.

It really is that easy.  You can almost triple your content just by using ExpressVPN to get American Netflix.  You can access  geo-restricted content from all over the world if you change your server location, so you will never have to see this content is blocked in your region again.

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