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Head to ExpressVPN to get access to Netflix USA on your Apple TV. Still working as of April despite the Netflix crackdown.

Get US Netflix on Apple TV with a VPN

Apple TV and Netflix are a match made in heaven.  Unless you live outside the US.  Then it’s more like purgatory.  There are some good shows on Australian Netflix; they have Mad Men and How I Met Your Mother as well as a range of shows that will appeal to everyone.  But there’s no Breaking Bad, no Scrubs, no Pulp Fiction and no Forrest Gump.  Can you blame Aussies for having wandering eyes and wanting to watch all of the great content that’s on offer in the US?

What if I were to tell you that you don’t have to be restricted to the tiny room that is Australian Netflix?  It is possible to walk the vast halls of the US version.  You may have heard rumours from friends or in forums, but it is possible and actually quite easy.  You just need t a VPN to get US Netflix on Apple TV.

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network.  It’s quite complex and boring, involving encryption, servers, IP addresses and a whole lot of stuff that you don’t need or want to know.  What you do want to know is how you can watch Parks & Recreation on your Apple TV.

Using a VPN to access geo-restricted content is somewhat of a legal grey area.  At this stage, it seems like it’s technically legal for Australian’s to use a VPN to access US Netflix, but Netflix themselves frown on it and have tried to block users from doing it from time-to-time.

Our go-to VPN for the job is ExpressVPN.  It can be a little more pricey than other options, but it’s one of the best in its class for just about every VPN application.  They are a provider that really seems to care about the security and privacy of their customers, while they are also big enough and have the technical smarts to continue circumventing Netflix’s attempts at blocking VPN users.

So, let’s get started on setting up ExpressVPN to get US Netflix on Apple TV.

Step 1: Sign Up to ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN isn’t the only one you can use, but it is our favourite, so we have tailored this guide to it.  Signing up is super simple.  You just need to head to their website and give them a valid email address as well as some form payment.

Step 2: Open Your Welcome Email

Because they are such a kind company, ExpressVPN will send you through a welcome email.  This will have a link to get your VPN set up as well as your username and email address.

Click the link or use the login details to sign in to their website.

Step 3: Set Up ExpressVPN

Once you have logged in, click on [Set Up ExpressVPN].  You can find it on the [Active Subscriptions] page.

Once this is done, you will be able to open the [Apple TV] section.  In here, you will find the [MediaStreamer DNS server IP address].  Write this number down or copy it somewhere.

Step 4: Configure Your Apple TV’s location Settings

  1. Go on your Apple TV and open [Settings].
  2. Click on the [iTunes Store].
  3. Select the [Location] option.
  4. Go down to U and choose the [United States].
  5. When you go back to the [Main Screen], the apps that you want should be there.

Step 5: Configure Your Apple TV’s DNS Servers

  1. First go into [Settings] and click on [General].
  2. Then choose [Network].
  3. Select either [Wi-Fi ]or [Ethernet].  This will depend on the setup of your Apple TV’s internet.  Select the relevant option.
  4. Go to [Configure DNS].
  5. Choose [Manual].

Important: It’s a good idea to write down your current DNS address and settings before you change them.  This way, you can always change it back if you stop using ExpressVPN.

Enter the [MediaStreamer DNS server IP address] that you wrote down in step 3.

Now, you will need to restart your Apple TV for the change in DNS to occur.  To do this, go to [Settings}, then [General] and click on [Restart].

You’ve done the hard part.  Now you can access MediaStreamer’s service.

Important: MediaStreamer DNS does not have the same security and privacy protections as a VPN.  Use it with care.

Step 6: Access MediaStreamer by Registering Your IP Address

To use the MediaStreamer DNS servers you will first have to register your IP address with ExpressVPN’s system.

  1. Connect your computer or mobile to the same Wi-Fi network that you use for your Apple TV.
  2. Then, sign in to your ExpressVPN account with your email address and password.
  3. Go to [DNS Settings].
  4. Under the IP Address Registration heading, click on [Register my IP address].

Once you have completed this, you should be able to get US Netflix on Apple TV.

Celebrate by binge-watching the X-Files until you don’t know what’s real anymore.

About Apply TV & USA Netflix

Television watching has evolved and today’s viewers are not just reliant on what the TV channels show them for entertainment. What we are seeing is a rise in online streaming which allows for greater flexibility in what you want to watch and when you want to watch it.

Many television manufacturers have understood this and have changed their features to accommodate this evolution. This is why Apple TV was created as a media console to give you the streaming option on your television set.

Apple TV allows you to download and install apps of over the top content providers like Hulu, WatchESPN, iTunes, and even Netflix Australia. Apple TV versions after versions are compatible with and support the Netflix app.

The only other thing you will need to operate the Apple TV Netflix app is a working Netflix account. This is easy enough to acquire if you do not have it. You just have to navigate to their website and fill up a form.

This form will require you to select the package that you want and the form of payment. First time users will even get a 30 day trial free at the time of registration. You can use this facility to try out the service and see if it is suitable for you.

The fact of the matter is that you will love the Netflix – Apple TV combination. You will be able to watch all the content that is available on Netflix on your Smart TV. Even greater is the ease of use provided by Netflix for its viewers.

The only foreseeable problem would be the smaller content library as compared to Netflix US. Netflix America has over 9000 titles to choose from as opposed to the 1200 or so for Netflix Australia. Apple TV might make the experience of viewing great, but it can do nothing for the lack of content.

Get More Out Of Your Apple TV Netflix App with ExpressVPN

The solution to that problem comes in the form of a fantastic service called ExpressVPN. All you have to do is sign up for this service and configure your Apple TV. Netflix will, as a result, be convinced that you are viewing it from within the US and you will get American content.

The reason why ExpressVPN is able to do this is because it lets you go through its own DNS servers. These servers then send you through to Netflix with an American IP address. Since it is your IP address that is the main culprit in telling Netflix where you are, this solves the problem of limited content.

To be able to get American content on your Netflix Apple TV app, you first need to register with ExpressVPN This does not take a lot of time or effort, as you simply need to fill up a form. This will ask for your information and payment method. As with Netflix, this service too offers a free trial period of 7 days.

Once you have registered and have received your confirmation, you need to reconfigure your Apple TV. Netflix needs to connect through the ExpressVPN DNS servers so you will need to change your network’s DNS settings.

This can be done by going to the General settings in your Apple TV and locating the network settings. This will prompt you to identify your network type, where you will need to tell it if it is a wireless connection or an Ethernet connection.

After this is done, you will need to change the DNS settings to Manual. This is so that you can type in the primary and secondary DNS values from ExpressVPN. You might want to note down the old settings in case you want to switch back.

The new settings will need to be checked, to ensure that everything is working as it should be. Before you start using Netflix, you will need to switch off your Apple TV and restart it. Once you restart and log in again, you will see that instead of Netflix Australia, Apple TV will take you straight to Netflix USA.


Get US Netflix on Your iPad with a VPN

There’s nothing sweeter in life than having the iPad in bed and draining away the last few hours of the day with a good Netflix session.  Unless you can’t access US Netflix, then there might be a bitter taste in your mouth, because so many of our favourite shows are only available on the US version.  Users from other countries are getting screwed because they are generally paying a similar amount, but getting half to a third or even a sixth of the amount of content that the US has.  The poor South Koreans must actually have to go outside if their Netflix has under 700 shows and movies available.  Anyone who is scared to go outside is probably at the front of the line of people who are wondering how to get US Netflix on their iPads.

Fear not, there is a way of getting around this drought of shows in other countries like Australia.  No, it doesn’t involve buying a kite and going outside to pretend it’s the 1940s.  It involves a hi-tech solution that is much more suitable for generation Y’s style.  What’s even better is that it’s not complicated, so the Baby Boomers can take advantage of it too.

The solution is a VPN.  A Virtual Private Network if you don’t care for brevity.  The technicalities of a VPN are too complicated for this article to explain, but they are essentially a network that allows your web traffic to be encrypted and even pretend that it is coming from a different location.

So, with a VPN you can use internet trickery to fool Netflix into thinking that you are actually using their service from the US, even though you may be in Guatemala or Antarctica.  Yes, you can get US Netflix on you iPad.  It serves them right for making you pay just as much money for a lower level of service than US customers get.

Using a VPN isn’t illegal per se, at least not currently.  Despite this, Netflix aren’t a fan of users accessing content from different regions, because of content agreements and other boring legal things.  In the past they have tried to block some users from using certain VPNs to stream their geo-restricted shows, but that’s why we like to use ExpressVPN for accessing US Netflix.

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN providers on the market.  It’s simple to use and the people behind it really care about the privacy and security of their users.  They also have the technical ability to stay one step ahead of Netflix’s feeble attempts to block VPN users from accessing their content.  This is why they are our favourite and the one we recommend to others, however there are many other choices out there.

Okay, so back to lying in bed with your iPad.  How do you use a VPN to get US Netflix?  We’ve set up this simple, step-by-step guide to access US Netflix on your iPad with ExpressVPN.  No more feeling like a peasant due to geo-restricted content!

Before you start, you will need to have an iTunes account to download the Netflix app.  This is super easy to do.  You will also need to make sure that you have the latest firmware installed on your iPad, otherwise this configuration may not work.  Last, but far from least, make sure that you do the reconfiguration over a Wi-Fi network.  It’s unlikely to work on 3G.

Step 1: Sign Up For an ExpressVPN Account

Unfortunately, they don’t give them away for free, but they do offer a 30 day refund so you can try it out at no risk to you.  Go to their website and sign up for a monthly subscription.  All you need is an email address and a payment method.

Once you have signed up, you will receive a welcome email with a link as well as your login details.  Sign in with your username and password, then click on [Set Up ExpressVPN].  It will be on the [Active Subscriptions] page.

Once this is done, you will be able to open the [iPad] section.  In here, you will find the [MediaStreamer DNS server IP address].  Write this number down or copy it somewhere.

Step 2: Configure Your iPad

Once you have signed up with ExpressVPN, you will need to configure your iPad with ExpressVPN’s DNS settings.  This will make Netflix think that your traffic is coming from the US.

  1. Go to [Settings] on your iPad and then click on [Wi-Fi].    Touch the blue arrow that is pointing to whichever network that you would like to connect to.
  2. Once you have done this, a new side-screen will come up.  You will already be on the [DHCP] tab, so all you have to do is scroll down to [DNS].
  3. You will see some numbers there, which you might want to write down for safekeeping just in case you ever decide to revert to your old settings.
  4. Delete the numbers that are there and insert the [MediaStreamer DNS server IP address] that you wrote down in step 1.

Step 3: Reboot and Log In

To make everything that you just did work, you must:

  1. Reboot your iPad.
  2. Login to your ExpressVPN account using your web browser.  ExpressVPN will check your service status to make sure everything is okay.  A dialogue box will tell you if there have been any changes to your internet address.
  3. Click [Click here to activate your new internet address].  This will allow ExpresVPN to identify you,  let you know if there are any unpaid invoices or if your account has been             terminated.

These last few steps are just to ensure that everything is working.  Hopefully by now it’s all up and running and you will be able to get US Netflix on your iPad.

More Nerdy Stuff about Netflix USA on iPads

If someone from the past were to visit us today, they will be surprised to see the size of our computing devices. The large room-sized computers have been replaced by laptops. In fact, mobility has become such a requirement that tablets are becoming commonplace. The most well-known of these is the Apple iPad.

Apple also recognises that television viewing is changing, which is why the Apple iPad comes with the app for Netflix. Netflix can be viewed on a range of devices and the Apple iPad is one of them.

With Netflix Australia, iPads can become a veritable mobile television screen. As long as you have a fast enough internet connection and a subscription to Netflix, you can watch anything. This is of course limited to what content Netflix Australia has made available.

That is a problem all for the users of Netflix Australia, iPad users or otherwise. The content library for Australia is so small compared to Netflix USA that it almost does not seem worth it. However, there is a simple solution that can fix that issue.

For the Netflix iPad Australia users, the solution to getting access to the 9000 titles available to American viewers comes in the form of ExpressVPN. This DNS redirection service allows you to get content from not just American Netflix but also UK, Canada, and New Zealand.

Get ExpressVPN for Netflix IPad Australia to Get More Content

In order to get this service working on your Apple iPad, you need to first create an account with ExpressVPN. All you have to do is fill out their form and select the payment plan. For $50 for the annual plan, it is not bad value for money. You even get a 7 day trial for free to check if you like their services or not.

To get American content on Netflix Australia, iPad network settings need to be tweaked a bit. Netflix gives you content based on your location, which it knows because of your IP address. ExpressVPN simply sends you to Netflix through its own DNS servers with an IP address from the US.

Because of this tiny bit of trickery, the app for Netflix iPad, Australia-based, starts believing it is in the US and shows you the relevant content. This means that you will need to configure the wireless connection to take you to the ExpressVPN servers.

This is accomplished by going into the settings application of your Apple iPad and selecting the Wi-Fi settings. You will see the network to which you are connected, and if you select it, you can make changes to its settings.

To switch to American content from Netflix Australia, iPad DNS settings need to point towards the ExpressVPN DNS servers. Therefore, in the DNS field in the settings, replace the current values with the values from ExpressVPN.

Once the changes have been saved, you will need to shut down your Apple iPad and restart it. You might also need to visit the ExpressVPN web page on your browser to check if the service is activated. If everything is working properly, you should be able to get American Netflix on iPad in Australia.



Get US Netflix on Android with a VPN

Android is a great operating system.  Open source and easy to use.  Netflix is an amazing streaming service.  So much content whenever you want it, without all the ads.  Sounds like the perfect match, doesn’t it?  It is, unless you’re Australian or from somewhere else outside of the US.  Then you are stuck with the dregs of US content.  But there is a way to get US Netflix on Android.

What’s this trickery I speak of?  How can it be possible to get US Netflix if I live in Australia.  It’s trickery indeed, but thankfully it’s not too complicated to set up.  If you want to get US Netflix on your Android device, the best way to do it is with a VPN.  A VPN is a Virtual Private Network.  They can do many things, but they are primarily known for helping users with their security and privacy by using encryption.

How Can a VPN Help Me Get US Netflix on My Android Device?

One of the great things about VPNs is that you can set them up to make it look like your web traffic is coming from the US, no matter where you are in the world.  You can be out in Wagga Wagga, but if you have things set up correctly, Netflix will think that you’re in downtown Los Angeles or some other US location.

If they think you are in the US, they’ll offer you US content.  No more of the paltry selection that Australian’ are given.  You can still use your Australian account to do it, so you will be paying the same amount.  Netflix don’t really like their users getting around their geo-restrictions and they have tried to block users in the past from doing so, which is why we recommend ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN are a top-tier provider who put their all into the privacy and security of their customers.  They are market leaders on the technological side of things and provide a great service.  Of course, there are other providers that you can turn to, but ExpressVPN are our favourite.

So, let’s get to it.  Here’s the step-by-step guide to get US Netflix on Android with ExpressVPN:

Step 1: Sign Up to ExpressVPN

If you haven’t already done so, you will need to sign up to ExpressVPN.  You can also use another provider, but this guide is more specifically tailored to their service.

All you have to do is go to their website and hand over an email address and a payment method.

Step 2: Open Your Welcome Email

You will get a welcome email that contains a link to set up your VPN.  It also has your username and password.

Step 3: Set Up ExpressVPN

Log yourself in, then click [Set Up ExpressVPN].  It’s on the [Active Subscriptions] page.

Open the [DNS] section.  This is where you will find the [DNS 1 and DNS 2 server addresses].  Write these down, because you will need to use them later.

Step 4: Configure Your Android Device

  1. Now you will need your device.  Go to [Settings] and then select [Wi-Fi].  Go into its options rather than turning it on or off.
  2. Touch and hold your preferred wireless network.  This could be the network that’s currently active.   A dialogue box will open.  Click on [Modify network].
  3. Scroll down and check [Show advanced options]
  4. In [IP settings], click on [Static]
  5. Change the DNS 1 and DNS 2 server fields to the ones you wrote down in step 3.  Leave the rest as they were.
  6. Hit save
  7. Restart your device
  8. Visit the ExpressVPN website, log in and look at their [Check Service] page. A dialogue box will let you know if there have been any changes to your internet address.  Just touch                 [Click here to activate your new internet address].  Now ExpressVPN should be able to identify you.

After that whole ordeal, you should be ready to go.  Now you should be able to get US Netflix on Android.  It wasn’t too hard was it?  You’ve earned yourself a nostalgia trip through US Netflix.  Be careful, once you sit down to watch your favourite nineties show, you might not be able to get up until the fear of bedsores makes you.


Get US Netflix on Your Playstation with a VPN

Are you a PlayStation user who is sick of the poor range of shows available on the Australian version of Netflix?  With a VPN, you can get around the geo-restrictions and access the mountains of glorious content that are available on US Netflix.  This guide will help you use a VPN  to get US Netflix on PlayStation 3, 4 or Vita.

After years of people talking up The Walking Dead, were you finally ready to watch it, only to discover that it’s not available on Australian Netflix?  Unfortunately, due to complicated Australian laws and agreements between media companies, there are a load of shows that are available on the US Netflix, but not in Australia.  But you don’t have to despair.  There is a solution:

You can use a VPN to work around Netflix’s geo-restrictions.

It may be legal grey area and it is against their terms of use, but it is a solution nonetheless.  How is it fair that the Australian version of Netflix costs a similar amount but has a significantly smaller number of shows available?  Many users are frustrated by this treatment, so they have taken the matter into their own hands and used ExpressVPN or another VPN provider as a workaround.  They still pay for the service, but now they get way more content for their money.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Netflix are aware that users have been using this trick to get around their restrictions and they have made some effort to block user attempts.  Some VPNs have been blocked from accessing the US version of their services, while some ISPs have begun inspecting data packets and restricting the bandwidth  of their customers if they see Netflix traffic.  The latter is called Netflix throttling and users can get around it by using a VPN to hide their traffic through encryption.  This means that users will get faster download speeds without having to wait for buffering.

The VPN that we trust most for this job is ExpressVPN.  They are one of the best providers out there for most applications, although their excellent service can come at a slightly higher price than the lower-end providers.  ExpressVPN seem more committed to the privacy and security of their users than many other providers, while they also have the scale and technological know-how to adapt if Netflix ever tries to restrict their users from using their service to access US Netflix.

Another benefit of ExpressVPN is that their apps can find the fastest server location and make streaming easier.  The apps test the download speed and latency of each VPN server location, ranking them by Speed Index.  You can then run the speed test and choose whichever US server location has the highest speed index.

So, do you want to join the ranks of people who are getting all of their favourite shows on US Netflix?  If you’re a PlayStation user, keep reading.  If you would rather access US Netflix from another device, we have guides here.

Whether you have a 3, 4 or Vita, you can use ExpressVPN to get US Netflix on PlayStation. ExpressVPN can make your IP address appear as though it is in the US.  Follow this step-by-step guide to access the US version of Netflix on your PS3 or PS4:

Step 1: Sign Up to ExpressVPN

The first thing you will need to do is sign up for an ExpressVPN account.  It’s a simple process that just requires an email address and a payment method.  ExpressVPN offer their customers a 30 day refund, so you have nothing to lose if you don’t like their service or can’t figure out how to get it to work.

Step 2: Create a New US PSN Account

Once you have signed up to ExpressVPN, you will need to create a new PSN account to use Netflix.  This new account has to be American, so head to the PlayStation USA site to do it.

Step 3: Add a New User to Your PlayStation

The next step is to add a new user to your PlayStation.  This is because you can’t assign a new PSN login to an existing PlayStation user.  If you want to make things convenient, you can just name it Netflix.  That way you or your guests will always know which one to choose when you want to stream shows.

Step 4: Set the PlayStation to Use ExpressVPN’s DNS Servers

Using ExpressVPN’s DNS servers will trick Netflix’s servers into thinking that you are based in the US.  If Netflix thinks you are in the US, then they won’t block their content from you.  There are several things you will need to do to make this change.

  1. On your PlayStation, select [Settings] and go into [Network Settings].
  2. Select [Internet Connection Settings].
  3. Select [Yes] when the screen says that you will be disconnected from the internet
  4. Select [Custom].  Keep all of the settings as they are except for [DNS Settings].
  5. Select [Manual] and insert the ExpressVPN values into the DNS server fields.
  6. Restart the PlayStation.  Once it has loaded, check the connection to save the new settings.
  7. Get the Netflix app for your PlayStation.  The app is easy to use and will allow you to watch all of your favourite US Netflix shows once you have used ExpressVPN to unblock the geo-restricted content.

Netflix PlayStation – Get Overseas Content on Your Netflix PS3 and Netflix PS4

As anyone who owns a PlayStation would know, it is more than just a gaming console. If you own a PlayStation, Netflix is one of the things you would like to use on it. Netflix has apps for both PS3 and PS4. These are easily downloaded and installed, and you can enjoy hours of videos on them.

The app for Netflix PS3 and Netflix PS4 usually comes pre-installed on your device. Just in case it is not there, you can look for it in the PlayStation Store under apps for TV/Movies. Simply click on it and download.

Of course, you will need to have a registered account with Netflix to be able to use the Netflix PlayStation app. This can be easily done on the Netflix website by filling up their registration form. That is pretty much all you need to have all your television needs fulfilled with the Netflix – PlayStation team.

What might be a problem is the fact that Netflix Australia is pretty low on content. With only over 1200 titles, it is an infant compared to the giant adult that is Netflix USA. American viewers enjoy over 9000 titles with Netflix which is a huge let-down for Australian users.

Using ExpressVPN for Greater Viewing Pleasure on Your PlayStation Netflix App

A simple fix for this issue is a DNS redirection service called ExpressVPN. This service is available for both Netflix PS3 and Netflix PS4, and a number of other devices. In order to be able to use this to get American content on your PlayStation Netflix, you will need its help.

The first step towards this is creating an ExpressVPN account. You can do this by going to their website and filling up a simple online form. This form will take your information and also your mode of payment.

There are two payment packages – the annual and the monthly package. Both come with a free week’s trial, so either way you will not be paying for the first seven days of use. The registration process is necessary because otherwise you will not get access to their DNS servers.

Your Internet Service Provider’s DNS servers are what inform Netflix of your location. When you use ExpressVPN, they simply allow you to pass through their DNS servers which convince Netflix that you are in the US.

While registering with ExpressVPN is the first step to getting American content on your Netflix PlayStation app, the second involves changing your PlayStation’s settings. In order to do this, you will need to go into your PlayStation’s Network settings and set the preferred DNS server values.

You can find the ExpressVPN Server addresses on their website, and you need to manually enter these into the DNS settings of your PlayStation. It is advisable to save the original settings just in case you want to revert to them. Once your settings are changed and saved, you will need to restart your PlayStation.

With the new settings in place, your PlayStation Netflix app will automatically start showing you content from the American Netflix library. In fact, you can use ExpressVPN to unblock the contents of any region that Netflix is available in on your Netflix PlayStation user account.